What are the ways to fight stretch marks

Stretch Marks

Are stretch marks something special?

Stretch marks are a common problem that affects large sections of the population, and many find them embarrassing or feel uncomfortable when others see them.

It is important for everyone to feel comfortable with their body, and this can be achieved by treating scars and stretch marks to reduce their visibility or get rid of them altogether.

There are several treatments for them, including laser treatments, microdermabrasion, puncture and lotion treatments.

What causes stretch marks?

These marks on the skin form when there has been a significant change in the body that tightens the skin.

Since pregnancy is one of the best known causes, many people believe that it is the only cause and that stretch marks only affect women. However, they impact both men and women.

They are caused not only by rapid weight gain, but also by growth spikes. These changes cause stretch marks because the skin does not naturally grow as fast as the rest of the body, but becomes stretched and can become thinner.

This impacts the appearance of the skin, i.e., stretch marks.

Pregnancy stretch marks
Pregnancy stretch marks

Microneedling and microdermabrasion

These treatment methods share some similarities as they use micro approaches to treat the skin one tiny spot at a time.

Needling uses small needles to quickly make tiny jabs at the skin. Each contact increases the blood flow as the body responds to the injury, sending the nutrients to the site for healing.

These nutrients include collagen and elastin, along with vitamins A and C, which will help the skin cells repair themselves faster.

Microneedling tool
Microneedling tool

Microdermabrasion similarly uses tiny abrasives to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and damaged cells and increasing blood flow in the way needling does.

These methods are slightly invasive and will be uncomfortable or painful, with a small risk of infection in the area.

Stretch mark creams

Applying a cream to the areas that are developing stretch marks will help to decrease their appearance and support healthy skin. These include the nutrients that are needed by the skin cells to remain healthy and to create the collagen and elastin needed for the cells and the skin to stretch easily.

One of these creams is Revamin. Revamin stretch mark cream stimulates collagen production and helps to brighten the skin. Use after stretch marks appear can reduce their appearance and help these areas to better blend with the surrounding skin.

Revamin Stretch Mark Cream

When used in areas that stretch marks have not formed but are expected, such as use during early stages of pregnancy, the skin will be better prepared for the coming changes and will be less likely to develop stretch marks. It will also help to firm the skin and keep it smooth and healthy.

The cream can be used daily, and the aloe vera extract contained in it can improve skin health anywhere. Advancing the production of collagen, elastin, and using aloe vera to improve the healing and health of the skin will reduce or remove stretchmarks.

Pregnancy without stretch marks
Pregnancy without stretch marks

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