Ways to deal with stress

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Stress is a sign of our times

The busy schedules and high demands that are placed on people daily has lead to an increased in stress, anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health concerns.

Carrying the weight of all the worry and fear that come with these can cause fatigue and even lead to exhaustion, interrupt sleep patterns leading to insomnia, and withdrawal from friends and family.

As people struggle to improve their situation and find ways to be happy, therapy, medication, and supplements are all considered.

Traditional Solutions

Traditionally, exposure therapy was used to address anxiety concerns, and both anxiety and depression were recommended to talk therapy and even medications.

Talk therapy session to fight stress
Talk therapy session to fight stress
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While this works well for a large portion of the population, there are some who want to use more natural approaches that they can use within their home.

Even as a supplement to their therapy sessions or as a way to boost the effectiveness of their medications, using mindfulness techniques has seen and increase in consideration in the past years.

As risks of medications are ever present and can be intimidating or anxiety causing on their own, other approaches are still needed.


As people turn towards natural solutions for both mind and body, Yoga and meditation have grown in popularity. They encourage rest, relaxation, and release stress and anxiety.

When partnered with other self-care methods, they can be an effective way to manage stress.

Meditation at home can reduce stress
Meditation at home
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Additional tools

Additional tools include a SAD lamp that provides a similar effect to being outside in the sun, and increases the vitamin D that the body absorbs.

As the body is encouraged to absorb more nutrients, the mood is enhanced and some symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are reduced or eliminated.

Vitamins & food supplements

To help the body to have the nutrients needed to operate at its best, many people take vitamins and supplements. These can be as simple as a daily multivitamin to offer support for a healthy diet, or specific vitamins that are lacking in their body and their diet.

Many of these can help to improve both mental and physical health and help to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, while providing the body with more natural energy to avoid exhaustion.

Modern dietary supplements for stress

Other supplements, such as Restilen, are intended solely to provide the needed nutrients to fight these symptoms.

Restilen contains many naturally occurring ingredients that will boost and maintain a steady level of energy for the entire day, improve and bring balance to moods and emotions, as well as to reduce symptoms of stress.

Stress relief and relaxation – dietary supplement
Stress relief and relaxation – dietary supplement

By addressing cortisol levels and lowering the responses to stress, this supplement is taken once daily to help your body to find the rest that it needs and retains energy longer.

Offering ingredients that bring balance to hormones there is an equilibrium restored within the brain and there is a decrease in the body’s responses to stress, which lowers the symptoms that accompany stress.

What to choose for yourself?

The effects of stress and anxiety, as well as depression and SAD, are not limited to just how someone feels. They will also affect their energy level, the amount of sleep that is achieved, and the tension that resides within the body affecting each of the muscles.

To bring the body and mind back to balance all options should be considered, both therapy and mindfulness as well as medications and supplements, to determine what works best for each individual.

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