Safe way to increase breast size

Increase Breast Size

Can small breasts be a problem?

Many women around the world are not satisfied with their breast size, no matter how they fit and fill their clothes, how they look in a bathing suit, or their lack of confidence in their shape. Therefore, they are investigating how to increase breast size.

Traditional ways to enlarge your breasts

The most popular methods of increasing breast size including padded bras and implant surgery.

The first method is wearing a padded bra. It can create the appearance of larger breasts underneath clothing and can boost confidence during wear. However, they are not suitable under swimwear and once you remove them the effect ends.

Padded Bra
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The second way to solve this issue is through breast enlargement surgery, which leaves pain and discomfort for weeks, as well as permanent scarring. Surgeries are a permanent way to place implants under the skin and make breasts look fuller and larger.

Implants will need to be replaced once or twice during a lifetime, this carries health risks and will also require aftercare for the surgery, and many women find it difficult to accept that. The cost of surgery is high, making this impossible to afford for many women.

Breast Enlargement Surgery
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Therefore, some women try to agree with the natural appearance of their breasts and work on increasing their self-esteem. For the others, it remains to look for alternative solutions.

What determines the size of the bust?

Breast growth depends on hormones that determine their size and shape. The hormones that contribute to breast growth are estrogens, prolactin, progesterone, and growth hormone.

The best example of breast enlargement due to hormones is when a woman is pregnant. Hormones for breast growth cause fluid retention in the intercellular spaces, which in turn affects the fat cells, which are oppressed and swell, leading to the fact that the bust enlarge.

Natural breast size increase during pregnancy
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Alternative ways to enlarge your breasts

Pregnancy, of course, is not a solution to the problem of wanting bigger breasts. Happily, scientists made an alternative treatment to invasive surgery. For a sustainable option, hormonal treatments and supplements must be considered. You can use dietary supplement capsules and creams, or use them together.

It uses naturally occurring ingredients that are shown to increase breast size by at least one and up to three sizes with consistent use. There are undeniable advantages of this method:

  • It is easily accessible and cheap compared to surgery.
  • Does not require convalescence as after surgery.
  • Gives quick results without pain.
  • If necessary, you can stop using it without any difficulties.

The only downsides to this method are that it is not permanent, and you do not know what size of breasts you will achieve. To maintain a larger breast size, you need to use those supplements regularly.

Increase breast size using supplement
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How do supplements and creams works to increase breast size?

You take supplement capsules once or twice each day for the best results, and they can be taken with meals. Created to boost the levels of estrogen that the body produces, they will stimulate breast growth, will cause a firm feeling, and can cause enlargements of one or two sizes.

The cream can be used alone or with the food supplements. It includes phytoestrogens to encourage growth, vitamins, and nutrients to promote the creation of elastin and collagen, and will improve the health of the skin as well as the growth of the breast. Collagen will help to plump the skin and the tissues, while elastin will boost the elasticity of the skin, which will prevent stretch marks.

When the breast enlarges, the skin will need to stretch and without the correct nutrients it will form stretch marks and will affect the comfort and feel.

Complete solution to increase breast size: food supplement capsules & cream
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Choosing the right solution for you

Determining which option is right for you will be based upon many factors including cost, safety, affordability, and ongoing results.

We personally encourage you to use non-invasive, natural methods. Choosing supplements and creams carries the lowest risk compared to the effects. When choosing supplements, it is worth following a proven brand and not buying the cheapest products of unknown origin.

For example, ProBreast Plus shown above is a good choice. The cream and the supplement contained in one package. It is worth trying it out, because the manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

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