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Skincare problems often begin in early teenage years and follow well into adulthood, and acne is one of the most difficult to treat for some people. Nobody wants acne, especially on the face.

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As millions of people are looking for a solution to their acne problems, thousands of products are available to do so. Of course, the results achieved in the therapies differ in their effectiveness, because it is an individual matter how the body reacts to a given therapy.

Suspected Causes

It is regularly rumored that acne is caused by not cleaning the skin or from poor food choices, however these have been determined over the years to be unlikely to have caused acne breakouts.

Studies have shown that stress, weather changes, and changes in the hormones of the body to be the most likely causes. Knowing the root cause of the occurrence is key to finding the solution that will actually address and solve the problem.

These newly accepted causes have lead to many new developments in treatments which are offering relief from the discomfort and boosting confidence.

Traditional Treatments

Common treatments passed down through generations of families and from family doctors have been based around cleaning the skin and ensuring that there is a supply of soaps and toners to remove oil from the skin.

Toners are used to clear the oil and dirt that is left behind after cleansing, and can be used every day to help with clear skin.

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Oil can be one of the causes of acne, as it can block the pores and allow an infection to set it, or causing inflammation. However, removing all the oil from the skin leaves it susceptible to dry skin, injury, and discomfort.

Exfoliators can remove the build up from the pores and leave them clean and clear, without removing all the oil on the skin. These can be physical exfoliators or chemical ones, using either a coarse grain to remove build up and dead cells from the skin or chemicals that break down the build up. These can be used once or twice-weekly.


Traditional treatments do not always address the root causes, as they ignore hormone balance, reducing inflammation, or any necessary nutrients that may be missing. When the skin is unbalanced or the body is stressed and worried, there is more likely to be a breakout of acne, and supplements such as Zinamax address these concerns directly.

Zinamax capsules

Zinamax will help to reduce inflammation in the skin across the body, and addresses acne anywhere rather than just acne on the face. It also reduces the amount of oil that the skin produces, and offers a soothing of the tight or oily feeling of the skin.

While also providing the needed nutrients and materials to help the skin heal injuries and blemishes. It creates a comfortable feel to the skin and clears blemishes and oils from the surface of the skin. Taken every day, it has been shown to reduce acne and promote healthy skin.

Helpful Habits

To ensure that your skin is getting the best treatment, wash and dry it daily with a clean face cloth, remove all make up before bed, increase your water intake, and use supplements that work for you.

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